Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I was initially a bit dubious about this lot. They originally hailed from near where I grew up, and it simply didn't seem possible that anything good could come from Aldershot.

So I was a bit of a late starter, which is my loss really. Whilst their contemporaries (Hundred Reasons et al) got whisked up by major labels and put out big records to critical acclaim, Reuben carried on slogging away at the toilet circuit, putting out singles on indie labels, and writing bloody good songs.

By the time they'd brought out their third (and for now final) full length, I was discovering that I'd missed out on a good few years of fantastic music. No needless complication, no showboating musicianship, no trendy haircuts... just great songs, written and played with real passion, by three guys that love music.

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