Tuesday, 8 June 2010


It's not easy to find stuff about this band on the internets.

The main reason for this is that towards the end of the nineties, the same bunch of jerks responsible for the ten-ovaried abomination that is The Spice Girls decided the time was right to inflict another boy band on the world. They were called Five; except for a brief period of a year or so, when they called themselves 5ive. It was probably during this period that they sold roughly a bazillion records.

The basic upshot of this is that search results for "5ive" tend to be dominated by stuff relating to a manufactured quintet of insipid, soulless pieces of shit, one of whom won the Smash Hits award for Best Haircut three years in a row (thanks Wikipedia); and that when the boy band decided to reform a few years ago, the real 5ive had to change their name to 5ive's Continuum Research Project. Thankfully, only four of the original boy band were up for it; no-one cared, and so within a year they disappeared back into obscurity, hopefully never to seen or heard again.

That said, the real 5ive seem to keep such a low profile that even if we lived in some kind of manufactured-pop-free utopia, it would be a bit of struggle to find out about them. Making far more noise than should be possible for just two men, their earlier efforts were typically long instrumentals that sound like little more than extended jam sessions; dense walls of droning, sludgy guitar noise, punctuated by the odd psychedelic moment. The most recent record, Hesperus, is made up of shorter songs that seem more insistent, less rambling; almost as though they knew what they were doing before they went into the studio.

Fact is, it's all good. And by good, I do mean stunningly good.

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