Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mustard Allegro

I was a bit stuck as to which was the greatest band in the world this week. My most recent CD binge yielded a near insurmountable heap of alt-rock from the 90's, suggesting more of a greatest genre in the world. Meanwhile, I finally picked up Diamond Eyes by Deftones; and rather predictably it's completely awesome, but I've already done them once this year...

But then I got suckered into going to a bar gig, where I saw these splendid chaps. As it turns out, it was guitarist Alex's birthday; which meant that all of the handful of people in attendance had to sign a card for him. It also meant that he had down a shot at the very start of their set, and then another after every three songs played. Unfortunately for him, Mustard Allegro songs tend to be frantic blasts of surf guitar seldom lasting more than a minute, and they played a lot of them. On the plus side, the music all has a somewhat room-spinning quality to it anyway, so nothing seemed out of place.

Merch was available from the Asda bag that the drummer kept with him.

My only complaint about the otherwise very excellent mini album Dwarf Shortage that I purchased is the title; if they had only called it Shortage of Dwarves, there might be a possibility of 'shortage' becoming the collective noun for dwarves.

Wikipedia: nope

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