Monday, 22 November 2010

Black Math Horseman

...and so just when I was thinking that nothing could possibly depose the mighty Old Man Gloom as the Best Band In The World Ever, my ipod went and jammed this lot in my ear.

I dimly recall ripping a track off of a Rock Sound cover CD and filing it away for further consideration. Naturally, I forgot all about it; so it came as quite a pleasant surprise when it got shuffled to the fore. I listened to it a second time, then a third; and then immediately ordered everything they had ever done ever. Which was all of one album.

It's kind of a doomy brand of post rock, I guess; the whole thing has a haunting quality to it. The guitars are all slide and reverb, and sound as though they were recorded in some sort of cathedral. And the vocals sound like they were recorded in some sort of cathedral thousands of years ago, and are being being channelled to the present through an ancient suit of armour, once witness to myriad bloody atrocities, now ominously still but for the echoes of the past.

Yes, yes, pretentious, I know.

Wikipedia: nope

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