Monday, 13 December 2010


I saw these chaps play a few weeks ago. It was the final show of their UK tour and, as it turns out, their final show ever - apparently "certain factors meant the band couldn't continue as it was."


Opening for them on their UK tour was While She Sleeps, a trend-licking bumsqueak of derivative hardcore wrapped around a predictable sequence of breakdowns. I guess they played well, but it wasn't really my thing; and all it really served to do was make Rinoa's sweeping post-metal seem all the more majestic in comparison. But then, maybe that's the point of support acts...

Post-metal. Like post-rock, but more, y'know, metal. The show started with all the band members hugging each other farewell, before everything was consumed by huge waves of guitar noise, pounding drums and desperate screams. And then less than an hour later, it was all done.

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