Monday, 7 March 2011

Electric Wizard

Where to start? Electric Wizard's self-titled debut surfaced in 1995. It was pretty much a by-the-numbers stoner rock record, seemingly influenced in equal parts by the first four Black Sabbath records, witchcraft and the occult, and a lot of weed. It's not a bad record, especially the last half which gets a bit more spaced out and psychedelic; but on the whole, I'd say it's fairly unremarkable.

But on second record Come My Fanatics, things changed. Specifically, they got thicker, heavier and slower; more doom. Like, way more doom. Take the doomiest thing you can think of, drown it in the centre of a planet made of tar, and then hurl that planet into the centre of the sun. In slow motion. Hooked up to Orange amplifiers.

Very little has changed since then. This is a good thing.

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