Thursday, 9 June 2011


I think I got into Interpol five or so years ago, when I decided to make a concerted effort to listen to something other than howling guitar fury and pounding pounding techno music. It wasn't a completely arbitrary choice; I'd heard one of the songs from their debut record at some point and quite liked it, and figured that there was a fair chance of the rest of the record being quite good too.

Which it was. And indeed, still is.

That said, I still find it hard to put my finger on exactly what it is about Interpol's bleak angular gloom punk indie that appeals to me so. Probably the bleak angular gloom punk indieness of it all. Despite the eminent brilliance of the three albums that preceded it, it took me the best part of a year to get around to checking out their latest eponymous effort; but I'm now making up for lost time and playing it to pieces. Nice.

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