Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Roxy Music

I've been on holiday, so I missed a week. To make up for such a shocking lapse there are, improbable and unfeasible as it may seem, two greatest bands in the world this week.

Roxy Music feature almost as a direct result of said holiday. I just seem to hear an awful lot of their music played in bars when I'm on holiday. The same is probably true of, say, Bon Jovi - but Roxy Music aren't utter shite.

I'm (mostly) far too young to been into them from the start, but as a sensitive and artistically inclined young boy I always quite liked their album art. Nowadays I'm more into the shimmery and ethereal quality of the music, and the ridiculous music videos in which an exceptionally sleazy Brian Ferry successfully makes Morrissey look manlier than Oliver Reed.


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