Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mushi Mushi

Two weeks after I subjected my good friend the RoboJew to the bleak rage of Necro Deathmort, he remembered who they reminded him of; these guys.

Apart from a lot of sub-bass WOB, it's kind of hard to see why; but that doesn't matter, because Mushi Mushi are cool.

It's kind of electronica; but really only because the electronic element is so prominent. The rest of it is made up of proper drums, some girly wailing and a tasteful sprinkling of guitars. The end result is less oppressive than Necro Dethmort's crushing walls of bass sludge, but no less sinister. Fun, often frantic, but with weirdly malicious undertones.

Like a neon squirrel with a dark past.

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