Sunday, 29 January 2012

Free Swim

You can generally tell who was last using the kitchen in my house by the station that the radio is set to.

The Pixie tends to go for Absolute 80's/90's, a dizzying array of forgotten hits that by and large smash all modern music into sequinned dust.

The Frenchie is more of a Jack FM kinda guy. Nice and safe and mostly harmless.

I like BBC Radio 6, a station with so few listeners that it has no target demographic and hence tries to please nobody. The neat thing about that is that they usually play stuff that you've never heard before; and even if it's a bit shit, it's still better than the mundanely familiar. Sort of.

And every so often, you'll hear something that you've never heard before that is really quite splendid - like Free Swim, for example. As far as I can tell, Free Swim are a London-based indie band consisting of at least one person. They have a number of EPs that can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp. Each seems to tell some kind of story; for example, Dennis is about "A budding bromance... inadvertantly derailed by an undeniably lovely girl girl called Sophie Buttercup", while Two Hands is OK is the tale of a man who decides to graft an extra pair of hands to his chest so that he can deal with paperwork more efficiently. Yolanda the Panda is about a panda.

It's all very smashing and whimsical, and utterly the sort of thing that I shouldn't like at all.

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