Sunday, 17 June 2012

Stanford Prison Experiment

Just to be clear - I am talking about a band here, not the prison experiment of the same name.  I mean, it was a pretty great prison experiment that had lasting implications in the way that psychological studies were carried out; but all that belongs in another blog (this week, the greatest/most traumatising prison experiment in the world ever is...)

So, Stanford Prison Experiment - the band.

First contact was a video shown on the now long defunct Noisy Mothers, a rock/metal/alternative tv show that used to air at around 3am on a Saturday some time in the mid nineties.  It was eventually axed due to poor viewing figures, the schedulers at the station apparently not being keen students of cause and effect.  Anyway, I forget what the song was; but the name of the band stuck in my head.  And there it stayed, jostling for position with other useless facts, until a few years later when I stumbled across their entire back catalogue (all three records of it) in a second hand record shop.

They don't sound a lot like anyone else I can think of; though that probably says more about how little punk and post-hardcore I was listening to in the mid nineties than how innovative SPE were.  Although having thirty minutes of a Noam Chomsky lecture as a bonus track is a fairly unique proposition...

In any case, those three records still sound pretty fucking great to me; and I'm kind of surprised that SPE didn't achieve greater recognition at the time.

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