Sunday, 8 July 2012


One of the most enduring memories of my years of retail servitude is the tyranny of public performance licences, and the dreary tedium of having to listen to the same limited selection of mix CDs each day.  Working on the basic principle that mediocre dance music is far less offensive than mediocre rock music, my part timer Jeff McDeath and I would regularly stick in the dance mix CD and spend our weekday mornings body-popping to fat beats.

One of the standout tracks on that CD was the Tom Middelton "Cosmos" remix of Mass Destruction by Faithless.  It was all dense, bass-heavy electronica, and for the first time I found myself wondering if maybe Faithless were worth more of a listen.

For a long time they never quite made sense to me outside of work; until a few days ago, when my ipod spat Take The Long Way Home into my ears as I cycled to work.  And then I realised the magic of Faithless lay in their ability to make mundane activities (working in a shop, cycling along the A4174, being in a nightclub) seem epically euphoric.


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