Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I don't know about you, but I would have certain expectations of a band with a name like Prolapse.  These expectations would not include CD liner notes that consist largely of "Jane's" style aircraft illustrations.

And yet this is exactly what I found many years ago when my weekly rummage through the racks of Ben's Collectors Records unearthed a copy of Ghosts Of Dead Aeroplanes.  I stared intently at it for a few minutes, before eventually deciding that £3 was a small price to pay to satisfy my curiosity.

And a good thing too, as it turned out to be a blinder.

The justaposition of brutal arsequake band name and obtuse indie illustrations is, to some extent, mirrored in the record itself.  There's no bowel-shattering sludge on display; but there is a bizarre clash of angular guitar clanging and dreamy shoegaze, and contrasting vocal styles with gentle girly warblings vying for supremacy with the coarse and deranged ramblings of a Scottish madman.  Somehow, it all works.

Personally, I reckon Ghosts Of Dead Aeroplanes is very much the standout record in the Prolapse discography.  Which is not say that the other records are bad particularly - The Italian Flag certainly has a few moments - but if I could only own one Prolapse record, it would definitely be Ghosts.  And if I could own another, it would probably be a spare copy of Ghosts, just in case.

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