Friday, 9 October 2009

Every Time I Die

When I first heard these guys (once more courtesy of a rocksound cover CD), they were kind of a frantic hardcore band, in the vein of Botch or early Dillinger Escape Plan. Behold! The Logic of Crocodiles, from first album "Last Night in Town".

The sound evolved a little more for their second effort, "Hot Damn!", getting harder and more groovy, and sounding slightly less like a rock band falling down twelve flights of stairs. Here's timeless classic and live favourite Floater.

Since then they've become even groovier, and dare I say it... fun. And why the fuck not? The hardcore now has a thick and throbbing southern rock vein running through it. Nice.

Their fifth full length "New Junk Aesthetic" has been out for a few weeks now. Go and buy it.

Then buy everything else they've ever done.

And see them live.

'Cos they're awesome.

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