Thursday, 29 October 2009

This Will Destroy You

Ah, post rock. That wonderful middle ground where the indie kids and the metal kids all just get along.

The indie kids like the quiet, whimsical bits with twinkling melodies where you get to sway about and look at your shoes; the metal kids like the noisy, apocalyptic bits where the entire world is destroyed by guitar feedback.

The greatest failing of most post rock outfits is the predictability of it all; the tried and tested formula of quiet-loud-quiet-very loud-quiet-earth shatteringly loud (with an optional extra quiet and/or loud at either or both ends) is all too common.

And to be fair, This Will Destroy You don't do anything especially groundbreaking.

But what they do, they do really fucking well. Behold.

It's like post rock plus 10. The quiet bits are quieter, the loud bits are louder, it's all more melancholy and more euphoric and more humbling all at once...

And as with all bands of this ilk, This Will Destroy You are about a million times better when you see them live. So if you get the chance, go see them. Or I will destroy you.

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