Monday, 30 November 2009

Million Dead

The alternative music press was making lots of good noises about these guys a few years ago; but every time I heard something by them I was left feeling distinctly underwhelmed. Then they split up, almost certainly as a reaction to my continuing apathy.

Thanks then to James (a fellow wage-slave from The Big Gay Department Store), who encouraged me to give them another go by copying both their albums for me in exchange for a copy of the majority of the Fugazi back catalogue. I like tape-swapping, even if it is done using those shiny round disc-like tapes.

Turns out that the songs I'd heard were just a bit lame, and the rest of the time they sound more like this.

Frontman Frank Turner is now a well established and relatively successful solo folk-punk troubadour; drummer Ben Dawson plays in the mighty Palehorse (as he did whilst in Million Dead, in fact). Actually, he plays drums for a lot of bands. The other two are doing other stuff, presumably.

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