Sunday, 17 January 2010

These Arms Are Snakes

Or should that be These Arms Were Snakes?

No, it shouldn't. 'Cos that's not what they're called. But the fact remains that the Seattle outfit announced their dissolution this week, and I haven't felt the loss of a band so keenly since that guy shot himself in the head a few years back.

Generally pigeon-holed as post hardcore, TAAS play a jagged brand of rock infused with equal parts sex and violence epitomised by frontman Steve Snere's onstage hip-swaying/gyrating/thrusting/strangling self with belt or mic cord.

For me, it's one of the songs off of their first EP "This Is Meant To Hurt You" that best defines their sound; "Run It Out Through The Dog" opens up with a chaotic squall of screeching guitar and vocals, but then spirals off into a post-rockish, almost space rock kind of wall of noise... or something.

Ok, so it is mostly all shrieking and guitar noise; but dammit, it's good. I feel glad I got in on the ground floor with these guys, privileged that I got to see them play live in Southampton a couple of years ago, and gutted that they didn't come anywhere near here on what turned out to be their final UK tour.

They were awesome, and you can check out some of their finest moments by clicking below.

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