Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunn O)))


When it comes to classical music, or opera, or crap like that, I can understand why it is brilliant; but the vast majority of it leaves me quite cold.


With sunn 0))) it's all the other way round. I realise that there is next to no musicianship, talent or songwriting. I can understand that it's nothing more than a headache-inducing drone, and that any bunch of idiots with big amps, a powerful Moog and some sturdy distortion pedals could churn this shit out.


I fucking love these guys. I love the pretentiousness of the grimm robes. I love the way they play in slow motion. I love the religious amp-worship aspect of their performance. I love the over-zealous application of dry ice. I love the fact that when I play their songs through my laptop, roughly half of the noise is below the frequency range that the speakers can cope with - which means that the first seven minutes of Báthory Erzsébet (the final track from 05's Black 1) are, for the large part, completely inaudible.

But mostly, I love how the persistent doomy drone voids my brain of all rational thought and memory.

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