Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Beta Band

I like to put videos in these posts. It's more enticing; a mere bit of hyperlinked text may not be tempting enough, but who could resist the promise of audio and visual stimulation?

It's not that easy though. I will normally encounter one of two problems when attempting to seek out suitable video to embed. The first is that there is simply too much wonderment that I want to share with the world. I mean, this is the greatest band in the world ever; how can I sum up all of their greatest musical achievements in a mere two or three videos?

The second, and sadly more common problem (as has been evident in previous posts) is that there is simply not enough decent video out there. Either the songs I want haven't been uploaded, or they have but the video is nothing more than a still image of the album artwork. Or worse still, the result of some shonky A-level media studies project.

With The Beta Band, I've kind of had both problems. There are so many great songs that I don't know which ones I most want to share; but that's irrelevant, because I can't find any decent video for them anyway. But I tried my best, and after an intensive five minutes of internetting, here's what I managed to come up with.

But it's still not enough, so here's some of that tedious hyperlinked text that I mentioned. It will take you to more Beta Band! This is a good thing.

I suppose I should say something about them, too. The Beta Band are/were from Scotland, and made amazing music together up until 2004 when they broke up. I got into them a bit after that, and subsequently know very little about them. Click below for the truth according to Wiki/Myspace/The Beta Band.

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