Sunday, 21 March 2010


What do I know about Goldie?

About as much as I know about drum 'n' bass in general. Which is to say, not an awful lot. But for some reason Saturnz Return is really doing it for me right now. Not the first disc, obviously; that consists of little more than a single hour-long track called Mother, that could well be the result of Goldie falling asleep at the mixing desk. But the second disc is full of this sort of thing.

Better still are his collaborations with other artists, such as this; the Toasted Both Sides Please mix of Swallowed by Bush, from their ill-conceived late nineties bandwagon-jumping remix album...

...and better still, this effort from the Spawn Soundtrack. Goldie + Rollins = Win.

I don't know much about drum 'n' bass, but I know what I like.

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