Sunday, 16 May 2010


I finally got to see these guys last last week, a mere six years after I first heard of them.

They did not disappoint.

The set-up is fairly simple; just two guitars, a drumkit and Pete Simonelli's gravelly, two-lighters-a-day spoken-word vocal. No samples, and little in the way of effects. Essentially, it's little more than doomy-laden beat poetry with rambling post-rock-esque backing music.

On record, the songs flow from darkness to light, fluctuating in intensity, never settling for too long except where the narrative demands it. Each note, each word, is perfectly placed and sounded; but not in awkward, precise or contrived manner. It all just flows, the mood of the music either perfectly aligned or perfectly juxtaposed with Simonelli's words, equal parts laconic drawl and righteous fury.

Seeing them live is like listening to the records turned up to 11.


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