Sunday, 17 October 2010


I can't quite remember how I first heard these guys. It was either the very excellent split EP that they released with the very excellent and sorely missed These Arms Are Snakes, or it was another, earlier EP called Charge! which I found tucked away in a second hand shop somewhere.

It doesn't really matter though, does it? What matters is that for the short time they were together, Harkonen made an incredible racket. Hard drums, fuzzy bass, guttural howls and guitars that were post-rock, space rock and noise rock - all at the same time.

They also wrote a song for their final EP Dancing called "I'm Taking The Hydraplane To Bellingham". Quite apart from being a great song, the title itself has recently become my most favouritist phrase; and I intend to use it as frequently and inconsistently as possible. This is not important in the slightest.

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