Friday, 7 January 2011

Gary Numan

I've always been aware of the existence of Gary Numan, of course. No matter what you like listening to, it's damn near impossible to not hear Cars at least once before you die. But I've just never really cared.

Until the other night that is, when I saw this clip of iconic eighties wish grant-o-rama Jim'll Fix It.

The first thing that hit me was that the kid with the bowl cut was probably trying hard not to reflect on how much cooler he thought this was going to be. Then I realised that I'd heard this song before... this is the one Alan Partridge played air bass to... this song's amazing! AMAZING!!!

Once my hysteria had abated somewhat and my breathing and heart rate had returned to normal, I got onto the Spotifys to find out exactly which Gary Numan song it was...

...and hours later I found that I was still there, listening to almost everything he'd ever done ever (I think it's fair to say that the fifteen years following the release of I, Assassin were not his best).

Even the new stuff is cool; it's nice to see the cycle coming around, with Numan taking influence from the more modern acts he himself gave inspiration to (NIN, Marilyn Manson et al).

And just as a side note, I also really like the cover artwork to debut LP The Pleasure Principal, in which a suited Numan sits at a desk viewing a glowing red jelly pyramid with a mixture of suspicion and contempt.


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