Sunday, 13 February 2011


As much as I claim to rely on music journalism for the purposes of forming opinions about what I am supposed to like, I don't generally pay that much attention. Until you hit the (occasionally vitriolic) album review pages the tone of the writing tends towards foaming-at-the-mouth enthusiasm. Every band is the best band in the world ever, in spite of any a-symmetrical fringes/sleeveless denim jackets/corpse paint/Pete Wentz that may suggest otherwise.

So quite why I sat up and listened when Shapes were touted as one of Rock Sound's "100 ones to watch for 2011" is beyond me. Perhaps it was the suggestion that they might fill the These Arms Are Snakes shaped hole in my life...

Which they don't.

They are bloody good, though. To my ears, they sound like a slightly more shambolic and frantic We Are Knuckle Dragger, all choppy guitars and sudden timing changes, occasionally drifting off into swirling instrumental delirium (as on Retreat, Attack).

It's good shit, get it in you.

Probably also worth noting that you can listen to everything they've ever done at their website (link below). Enjoy.

Wikipedia: nope

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