Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Chronicles of Adam West

Actually, this was the greatest band in the world last week. For a variety of reasons, life outside of the interwebs has been somewhat shambolic, frantic and prone to exploding a bit of late.

Hence Chronicles of Adam West, who were shambolic, frantic and prone to exploding a bit - right up until the point that they exploded a bit. As far as I can tell they only recorded one short EP before calling it quits for reasons that I can't be bothered to research. The bio on their myspace page reads simply "WE'RE DEAD".

Just for your information, the following live performance is almost exactly how they sound on record. Which probably goes some way to explaining way the cast of Glee haven't quite around to raping it yet.

Website: nope
Wikipedia: nope


  1. Shitting hell. As if people even remember this band. I was the vocalist on the 2 demos and the EP, although somewhere between the second demo and the recording of the EP I was kicked out being being a drunken angry cock. By the time they invited me back the music was recorded. I had about 2 weeks to learn the EP songs and write lyrics. What fun that was. Weird to think people even liked us/remember us, so I was caught off guard when I ended up stumbling across this.

  2. band were brilliant, should reform!