Wednesday, 25 May 2011


These splendid chaps surfaced around 1998ish, determined to provide a genuine alternative to the generic and derivative nu-metal shite that somehow kept floating over the Atlantic. The antagonistic, almost combative nature of their approach naturally led to a certain amount of tension in the band; and so in 2002 they dissolved in a mire of frustration and defeat, leaving behind three critically acclaimed LPs and a small but devoted following.

Which was all rather sad, really. But guess what? It's now 2011, no-one remembers who Coal Chamber were, and earthtone9 are back from the dead.

Which is all rather spiffing, really. I got to see them play last week, and they were fucking superb. They've recorded a few new songs and put them out as an EP - hopefully there'll be a new full-length to follow soon. And they've even made their best-of record Inside Embers Glow... available as a free download from their website. Click here for an earful of thinking-man's metal.

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