Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hey Colossus

I went to see these guys last week. I had tried to see them almost two years previously, playing alongside Part Chimp and local chaps Tractor. A number of unfortunate scheduling issues meant that I only got to see the last thirty seconds of their set; it sounded like this.

DUUURRRRR we're hey colossusRRRRRRRR thanks chimp RRRRR thanks tractor RRRRRRRRRNK -CLUNK- --sqeak--

Which was a bit disappointing, really; and didn't give much of an idea as to what they really sound like beyond an ominous droning dirge. Their recorded output at the time included a really quite splendid ominous droning dirge stoner-doom effort, and one record of ominous droning dirge so badly produced that it bordered on unlistenable.

Well as it turns out, Hey Colossus seem to rock a kind of sprawling wall-of-noise tinnitus-inducing ominous droning dirge.


Wikipedia: nope

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