Friday, 22 July 2011


Like most people, I frequently experience the nagging sensation that I am forgetting something important. And, like most people, this is because I am confused and neurotic.


For the last three years, however, this nagging sensation may have been because I genuinely had forgotten something important. I had forgotten to buy everything ever released by Nadja ever.

I remember hearing the track Sandskin; and then I went to see them play at The Croft in November of '08; and then I swore that I would buy everything ever released by Nadja ever; and then I forgot all about it, until my iPod shuffled Sandskin back up to the top a week or so ago.

Having failed to buy, or indeed listen, to anything other than that one track up until this point in my life so far, I can't really claim to be any sort of authority on what this mostly Canadian duo really sound like; but from what I recall/have been able to plagiarise from other reviews, words like doom,ambient, experimental, drone, and bowel-shattering soundquake should probably feature quite prominently.

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