Sunday, 12 February 2012


When it transpired that my shoddy work ethic had resulted in another five "missing" posts by the end of last year, I ended up cobbling together a collection of brilliant tunes from crappy outfits. But prior to that, I had very seriously considered putting together a post with a title along the lines of "Five of the Greatest Bands in the World That Quite Incongruously Haven't Featured on This Piece of Shit Blog Yet" - and Helmet would have been jostling for position at the top of the list.

I got into them around the time of their third album, Betty; so for me, that will always be their defining record against which all others shall be judged. But for most, Helmet's definitive masterwork is the previous 1992 release Meantime, for which they happen to be embarking on a 20th anniversary tour, for which I happen to have purchased tickets, which is largely why they have popped back to the front of my musical consciousness again.

Helmet were, and are, awesome. They are of an age that many modern bands are now citing them as a huge influence, and many have covered their songs - from Pig Destroyer to Deftones.

They are a seminal hardcore band, and you should most definitely give a massive shit about them.

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