Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Prodigy

This was the band that dragged me out of the guitar angst exile of my youth and made me realise that good music is good and that it should be listened to frequently, at high volume.

Of course it probably helped that my local metal club would frequently spin the likes of Poison and Out of Space; making it definitively okay for metal kids to like bleepy dance music, even before the crossover masterpiece that was/is Fat of the Land.

The sheer quality of their first three records has meant that The Prodigy have struggled at times to live up to their own fearsome reputation. Album number four Always Outnumbered... has some great tunes on it, but also a lot of filler; and whilst most recent effort Invaders Must Die is more of a return to form, it still doesn't set my world on fire (my favourite track is the dub-steppy Noisa remix of Omen on the bonus disc).

That said, it sounds fucking amazing through headphones; and although The Prodigy's inclusion on the line-up for this year's Download festival still isn't enough to make me want to buy a ticket, it means that I won't pity the fools that do buy tickets quite so much.

So in conclusion; festivals are rubbish, genre nazis are fools, The Prodigy are awesome.

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