Sunday, 11 March 2012


Thanks to my appalling short attention span, the Greatest Band in the World Ever is frequently chosen based on whoever I might have seen play live most recently. Thing is, I've seen a lot of bands in the last week or so; so picking one was always going to be a bit tricky.

Or maybe not. On Tuesday I met up with an old friend and caught an evening of chest-beating hardcore-by-numbers. The stench of testosterone hung heavy in the air, and kids with suspiciously clean trainers charged about the place to the tune of breakdown after breakdown after breakdown.

I've nothing against a bit of mindless thuggery from time to time. But with all the posing and posturing and demands for the crowd to go crazy and start circle pits, it felt more than a little forced; and I frequently found myself wishing for something with a little more honesty, more integrity, more passion... and I started thinking back to the previous night, when I had seen Bastions (along with No Omega, BatsAboutBats and The Break Out - all very freaking excellent too) play to a handful of people in the grubby little front room of The Croft.

And they just fucking killed it.

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