Monday, 5 March 2012


Generally speaking, I don't like death metal that much. Partly because it tends to be a bit samey, but mainly because it's just silly.

And yet.

On the strength of one song I heard on a label sampler some nine or ten years ago, I decided to buy a ticket to see Decapitated play last week. And it was fucking brutal. I awoke the next morning with many aches and pains and bruises and an unshakeable need to listen to Decapitated all the time for ever.

Being a only a very recent convert, pretty much everything I know about this band I learned from a random stranger at the gig. Decapitated are from Poland; they are one of the most renowned and respected technical death metal bands in the world; they reformed a few years ago with a new drummer and singer, their former drummer and singer having respectively been put into a coma and killed when their tour bus crashed towards the end of 2007; and the current line-up was in a plane crash last year.

Maybe that's why they sound so fucking angry about everything.

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