Monday, 20 August 2012


Saw these guys play the Fleece last week.  Which turned out to be quite good timing, as the very next day they managed to drive their tour bus off a 30ft viaduct in the next town over.

So we can say with some confidence that they play music better than they park.  What else do we know about Baroness?

They are from Savannah, Georgia.  Frontman John Baizley also produces some very fine artwork, and has something of the ghost pirate aspect about him - in a certain light his head appears to be a skull with a beard.  Which is cool.  They play awesome metal which frequently spirals off on proggy tangents, without ever seeming like moronic headbangers or tedious beardstrokers.  And they like that twin guitar thing that Thin Lizzy and Mastodon seem to like so much.

Baroness are the greatest band in the world ever.  Also the most hospitalised band in the world.

Get well soon chaps.  Thanks for the mindblowing gig, and sorry our fine weather, road networks and local geography all conspired to try and kill you.


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