Sunday, 14 October 2012


Until I started looking into it (about 20 minutes ago), I was convinced that at the time Mahumodo were about (2000ish) they were just one of many quite British post-metal bands; all following in the vast soaringly epic/crushingly heavy wake of Deftones, Cult of Luna and Neurosis.

But it turns out that the glut of British bands all doing more or less the same thing came along at around the time that Mahumodo were calling it a day.  Which I guess makes them trendsetters of sorts; barring the fact that they sound like bits of the aforementioned bands themselves, and were never particularly trendy.

After they went kaput the assorted remnants of Mahumodo went on to form *Shels and Devil Sold His Soul; well-regarded bands that I'm sure are just lovely, but they never clicked with me.  Fuck off and get yourself a copy of the Waves EP instead.

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