Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mea Culpa

I realised the other day that the band I have seen most this year is (I think) Jesse Ventura who, with hits like Dick Sledge and... erm... many more, spaff out a foaming jet of Gay For Johnny Depp-esque homoerotic hardcore.

What's this got to do with Mea Culpa?  Almost nothing - the only (tenuous) link is that the two bands share a singer.  Where Jesse Ventura are a bunch of hip grinding sexual tyrannosaurs, Mea Culpa are a darker, more serious and introspective prospect.  Bleak, desparate, etc etc.

So if Mea Culpa are such a miserable bunch of bastards, why aren't Jesse Ventura the greatest band in the world ever this week?

Partly because they don't have any recorded output that I can try and trick you into listening to (although at the time of writing they're working on that).  Partly because I like miserable bastards better than sexual deviants (most of the time).  But mostly because I think that while Jesse Ventura are a fantastic live band, its the dismal and discomforting post-whatever of Mea Culpa that I want to listen to at home.

Of course, that might all change once Jesse Ventura get around to releasing something - so check them out too (  Get startled.

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