Monday, 1 February 2010

You Judas

These guys are pretty much just a bunch of nobodies from Derbyshire. They're currently working on their third release, which will no doubt be greeted with a fanfare of apathy by all but the few fortunate enough to have stumbled upon their glorious din.

At times it seems like they can't quite decide what sort of a band they want to be; crunching post hardcore riffs and bellowed screams give way to gloomy introspective wailings get drowned out by post rock walls of noise dissolve into shimmering shoegaze ambience...

It should all be a confused mess, but the end result is quite the opposite; the songs twist and turn, never being wilfully obtuse or over-complicated, but at the same time never predictable. A fine example of this can be found in It Started In The Mind Then Jumped From Body To Body, the standout track that brings first full-length Happiness to a close. I reckon this is You Judas at their pretentious shoegazing post-space-rock best.

They have other songs, too:

A seriously good band, check them out.

Website: nope
Wikipedia: nope

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