Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I caught these guys purely by chance, when they were touring with Crowbar and Soilent Green back in 2000. The music was a violent and shambolic collision of southern blues, punk and thrash that threatened to fall apart at any moment; and in between bouts of throat-shredding screams, singer Mike Williams spent roughly even amounts time throwing beer bottles at the crowd, hitting himself around the head with the mic stand, and asking if anyone had any heroin.

I was an instant fan.

Despite their many years of active service Eyehategod have never been the most prolific band, for a whole variety of reasons. These mostly involve crippling drug addiction, being homeless, being too poor to eat (let alone tour or record), and brief spells in jail. Oh, and the whole of their hometown being washed away by Hurricane Katrina. They will be making a brief tour of the UK in April, though; so if you're a fan of tinnitus and having stuff thrown at you, get along to see 'em.

Of course, Eyehategod are not to everyone's taste. But if you should ever find yourself feeling dirty and ashamed after accidentally listening to some Fall Out Boy, this shit will set you straight.

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