Monday, 12 April 2010

And So I Watch You From Afar

Bless 'em, the filthy little northern Irish scamps.

Their music is mostly described as post-rock, but with emphasis on the rock. And actually, for post-rock, there's not an awful lot of cocking about. Which isn't to say that ASIWYFA blast out simplistic sub-three minute walls of noise; quite the opposite, in fact. They manage to compose technical, grand and sweeping soundscapes without the pomp and pretense, and are accessible without resorting to lowest common denominator rock-by-numbers.

I guess as a label, post-rock points you in sort of the right direction; but it just doesn't prepare you for how damn good these guys are. They just play fucking great rock songs, without the vocals.

I went to see them play The Cooler last week (supported by Lafaro, another quite excellent band that are very worthy of your attention) on their headline UK tour. They were rightly adored by their fans, who had come out in some numbers - in distinct contrast to the first time that I saw them about ten months earlier, when they played to about a dozen people at legendary Bristol toilet The Junction. But regardless of turnout, ASIWYFA's performance was nothing less than life-affirming, brimming with passion and energy, and an unshakeable conviction that THEIR MUSIC IS THE TITS.

Bravo chaps.

They really are one of the best bands that no-one has ever heard of; so make the most of them before they dissolve in a fizzle of apathy and disillusionment.

Website: nope

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