Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Tricky to define, this lot. Defunct and Scottish are the easiest starting points, since Aereogramme are both of these things; but where to go from there?

They wrote gentle, twinkling little ditties about wishing extinction upon the entire human race. Their songs can be angry, mournful or upbeat; sometimes all three at once. Too raucous for the indie crowd, too gentle for the metalheads...

And yet despite the contrast, there is consistency; both in the sense that it all sounds unmistakably Aereogramme, and that it is all utterly wonderful. The angry bits will have you bellowing and smashing up furniture, the sad bits will have you curled up in weeping ball trying to gnaw through your own wrists.

They mellowed a bit as they got older, largely due to the fact that vocalist Craig B's throat was going to fall off if he carried on screaming.

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