Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Dillinger Escape Plan

Once you exclude all of the "Dillinger who?" and "What is that, some kind of plan?" people (which is admittedly the vast majority of people), you're left with two distinct emperor's new clothes-esque groups.

There are those for whom The Dillinger Escape Plan are inspired and genre-smashing virtuosos draped in robes of the finest silk.

And then there are those for whom they are a bunch of naked shouting jackasses that can't agree on what tune they should be playing; or even if they should be playing a tune at all.

This week I have been listening to their most recent effort Option Paralysis, and find myself firmly in the "hey, those guys are pretty snappy dressers" group. It's just fantastic; like being beaten around the skull by a screaming brick shithouse of a man with LOVE written on one set of knuckles and JAZZ on the other in a grimy trance club, only with weirder time signatures. But in a good way.

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