Friday, 17 September 2010


I first saw Israel's most prominent musical export a few years ago at ATP '08. A quick afternoon nap that overran slightly resulted in a mad dash back to the reds stage where they would be playing. I thought I'd made it with time to spare when I arrived to a large crowd and an empty stage; but the stage was only empty because Monotonix had set up right in the middle of the large crowd. As a result, the first glimpse I got of any of the band was when the singer, resplendent in his giant moustache and bright orange hotpants, came sailing over the top of the crowd in a plastic bin. This was within the first minute. After ten minutes of sweaty bouncing around I felt a great thump on my shin, which turned out to be the drummer relocating to the other side of the crowd, still hitting the drums as he went... and after another ten minutes of euphoric anarchy, it was all over.

It was pretty bloody awesome, and I promised myself that if I ever got the chance to experience their scuzzy garage rock, crazy hair and tight sweaty pants again, I definitely would.

And I should have done just that last week when they played at the Croft; but unfortunately my gig buddy came down with a dose of lameness. Foolishly, I decided against being Billy-No-Mates for the evening, and so missed a gig that ended in the street with the singer and some other guy leaping into each other from the shoulders of the crowd.


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