Sunday, 8 April 2012

Nine Days To No One

Another week, another spiffing band that I know next to nothing about.  My extensive research (clicking on the first result of a Google search) informs that they are/were from Kent...

...and that's about it, really.  They managed to release two EPs before going kaput; some people liked them, some people hated them, but the overwhelming majority of people either didn't hear them or didn't care.

Which is a great shame really, because I really liked them.  They sort of occupied the same throat-shredding-screamo-riff-death-hardcore-fury ground as Will Haven, I guess; but they swapped out the atmospheric wall-of-noise guitar parts for more acerbic, apocalyptic shredding.  It's a good thing.

And Then Came The Floods - And Then Came The Floods

Sangreal - Sangreal

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