Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ted Maul

A little while back my good friend Smith was asking about bands that combined metal with drum 'n' bass.  I thought about it for a short while, and then dug out some mid-nineties Pitchshifter and Earache's Hellspawn compilation.  It was only a couple of weeks later that I remembered about Ted Maul, the London band that takes their name from a fictional news reporter and whose entire USP is that they play drum 'n' bass 'n' death metal.

There's generally a lot more death metal than drum 'n' bass going on, so it's perhaps not as foolish an omission as it might at first seem.  The electronic element is definitely there, but is frequently drowned out by noisy metal bastards with exploding guitars and a throat full of evil.

Except for on 200dbs Down, which is a full-on drum 'n' bass bludgeon with a fuckload of shredding.

Ted Maul disturbs.

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  1. Ted Maul are (were?) fecking awesome, seen the noisy bastards live a few times...intense! Never forget the sort of slip n slide moshpit they had going at Bloodstock in '08 - but instead of running and diving head first onto a wet sheet people were running and diving head first into the arms of two burly blokes, who proceeded to throw them over the crowd and into the arms of the barrier security!