Sunday, 22 April 2012


Another band long overdue a mention in this shitty blog; although their inclusion is for a slightly odd reason...

There was much sadness and wailing and gnashing of teeth when Soundgarden broke up way back whenever it was.  The sadness was replaced by a sense of profound disappointment when frontman Chris Cornell joined with the remaining three quarters of Rage Against The Machine to formed what appeared to be a Led Zeppelin tribute act.  Not that Audioslave were particularly bad; they were just far less great than the sum of their parts.  Similarly, countless Cornell solo efforts failed to fill the Soundgarden-shaped void in my soul.

And then a year or so ago came news that Soundgarden had reformed.  And not just one of those got-a-mortgage-to-pay festival circuit take the money and run reunions, either (although there does seem to have been a lot of that); there were promises of new material...

Which brings us up to a few days ago, when I learned that a new song, Live To Rise, was available for free download from itunes.

I grabbed a copy straight away, of course; but I haven't dared listen to it yet... because what if it's shit?  It's their first new release for a million years, it was written for the soundtrack of a blockbuster film about spandex-clad superheroes... it has middle of the road written all over it.

And so instead I'm listening to all their old stuff again, because at some point Soundgarden were definitely the greatest band in the world ever.  Meanwhile, as long that new single stays tucked away on my hard drive without me hearing it, they could be the greatest band in the world ever...


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